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A little guy who will growl like a big dog if you try to move him when he is cozy. A dog trainer once said, "thank God he only weighs 11 lbs". An athlete, he has won at The Old World Village Dachshund races, and placed 5th at The Weiner Nationals, held at the Los Alimitos RaceTrack (Sponsored by Weinerschnitzel)  and is always a crowd favorite. He loves to sit on laps, and is a friend to all. His favorite hat is a tiny sombrero, which he got in Mexico. 



I adopted this little man in 2019 while living in Seattle. His living situation was not the best, and he was put up for adoption. During his stay in WA, he had a chihuahua girlfriend, and fathered 3 Chiweenies - now, all living in their adoptive homes.  I feel so lucky to have found him.  He is part macho, part baby, and a real lover. He also loves my other dachshund Roxy. Originally named after Max, my Dad, he now puts the Max in Dieter Max



I have a love of most things Mid Century, and am constantly inspired by its architecture, fonts, fashion, furniture, cars, TV shows - I majored in Design at Ucla, and love shapes and woodworking.

(More wood shapes and products to come). I am a triathlete and animal lover, and have an affinity for dachshunds.

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